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  1. Clockwise #184: My Hands Smell Delightful - Relay FM

    Live from Ireland, it’s travel tech we wish would die, embarrassing tech fads we’ve bought, Apple products we want to bring back from the dead, and dream features for Siri and Alexa.

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  2. Upgrade #102: Cautionary Tale of Laptops - Relay FM

    This week’s episode was recorded with Jason and Myke in the same room! Before they high five, they discuss iPad keyboards, MacBook Pro upgrades, Castro 2 and podcast innovation, and Tim Cook getting chatty with the press.

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  3. Connected #103: No Such Thing as a Sticker Emergency - Relay FM

    Before Federico heads to the beach for many months of vacation, the guys talk about iPad keyboards, Dropbox Paper and Instagram Stories before answering listener questions.

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  4. Upgrade #79: Turkey Dinner Pizza - Relay FM

    Guest John Siracusa joins Jason to talk about HDTV, the future of the Mac, and pizza.

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  5. Clockwise #120: The Las Vegas of Weather - Relay FM

    Things get a bit dark as we ponder a technological Sophie’s Choice, prepare for our inevitable doom, and embrace terrible software, all before finally escaping to the paradise of the iPad. With Merlin Mann and Katie Floyd.

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  6. Upgrade #65: Holiday Firewall - Relay FM

    Special guest host Merlin Mann joins Jason to talk about the holidays, Apple TV, iPad Pro, and how to recommend Apple products.

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  7. Upgrade #58: What’s Magic About That Keyboard? - Relay FM

    Apple announces a bunch of new iMacs, including a 21.5-inch 4K model, and Jason’s got his full review. Also, Jason provides an inside look at the new input devices Apple has released, namely the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2.

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  8. Upgrade #56: The Migration Experience - Relay FM

    This week Jason and Myke share their iPhone 6S/6S Plus upgrade experiences, and give their first impressions of the new iPhone 6S features.

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  9. Inquisitive #43: Favourite Album: Serenity Caldwell and ‘All Day’ - Relay FM

    This week Myke talks to Serenity Caldwell about ‘All day’, by Girl Talk.

    This week’s show features some music with explicit lyrics.

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  10. Inquisitive #27: Behind the App #1: History - Relay FM

    In the first episode of “Behind the App”, a special series of Inquisitive, we take a look at the beginnings of iOS app development, by focusing on the introduction of the iPhone and the App Store.

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