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  1. Are We Having Fun Yet? | Cory Doctorow’s

    This week on my podcast, I read the first three installments in my ongoing Medium series on “amusement parks, crowd control, and load-balancing,” on what we can learn about aggregate demand management and scarcity from the history of queues at Disney theme parks.

    Part I: Are We Having Fun Yet?

    Part II: Boredom and its discontents

    Part III: Now you’ve got two problems




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  2. Lectures in History - The Slave Trade | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts

    Listen to Lectures in History episodes free, on demand. History professor Marcus Rediker lectured during a course on Colonial America at the University of Pittsburgh in 2010. He talked about the origins of the slave trade to the Americas between 1640 and the early 1800s.

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