Joris Voorn at Fieldlab March 2021

This set is exclusively my own music and remixes, all made within the last year, with the exception of Colyn’s remix of my track ‘Never’. During the one year lockdown I’ve made a lot of new music, focussing mostly on techno. Some of these new tracks can be heard in this 100 minute set.

March 20, 2021. A year after COVID-19 caused a worldwide lockdown and turned the global musical landscape into an empty desert, a new hope arrives at the horizon.

In The Netherlands a try-out event takes place. 1500 people and a handful DJ’s are having their first party in over a year. Every person on site has been tested negative for COVID-19, people in the audience are being anonymously tracked with a small device which is monitoring their contacts with other people.

This is the Future.

If things go well today, if there are no positive tests 5 days after the event, this could pave the way to life after COVID-19.

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