Tru Thoughts presents Unfold 17.01.21 with MF DOOM, KMD, Madvillain

A special tribute to MF DOOM DJ mix this week. Includes his first ever feature as Zev Love X with 3rd Bass on Def Jam, the KMD releases with his brother and starting off with the classic Scooby Doo sampling track on the influential Fondle Em records. Collaborations as NehruvianDOOM (with Bishop Nehru), DANGERDOOM (with Dangermouse) and JJ DOOM (with Janeiro Janell) on Lex Records. The all time classic Madvillain (with Madlib). Features with Kool Keith and YOTA. A track from the excellent Viktor Vaughn album. Some of the original tracks as sampled on the releases are in the mix too. Celebrating some of the inspiring tracks from one of the best Hip Hop artists ever. Plus music from Nikitch & Kuna Maze (remixed by Sivey), IG Culture reworking a James Brown classic, a big tune from Trends, plus lots more musical goodness.

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