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  1. Episode 63: Facebook Ads: The Struggle is Real | Podcast

    The Private Practice Startup podcast interviewed Michael J. Formica on: Facebook Ads: The Struggle is Real. Listen now, Startup Nation!


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  2. Meeting with the EU Commissioner for Competition | Marketplace.org

    The European Union Commissioner for Competition against Google,  Margrethe Vestager, joins us from her home country of Denmark. The high-profile official has taken on some high-profile companies since stepping in her role last year. The internet search and advertising giant Google has its hands full in Europe, where antitrust regulators have accused it of abusing its power to, among other things, favor its business partners in Google results. Google denies wrongdoing. Gazprom, the largest energy provider for eastern Europe, is also under investigation for overcharging in the regional market. 

    Click the multimedia player above to hear more on Commissioner Vestager’s take on Google, Gazprom, and her television portrayal.



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