Episode 63: Facebook Ads: The Struggle is Real | Podcast

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  1. Collaboration Hacks for Private Practitioners | Abundance Practice-Building

    Laura Long is the owner and Lead Badass over at YourBadassTherapyPractice.com, where she helps driven, Type A therapists build successful private practices by unleashing their inner badass. Laura offers business individual and group coaching, as well as an onslaught of free practice-building tips and motivation through her email list. Laura’s 8-week flagship program helps therapists in all stages of practice building to refine their niche, organize their business systems, and create a kickass marketing plan for their businesses. Laura is best known for her sassy, no BS approach that pushes the envelope and challenges the status quo.




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  2. Traffic and Funnels™ | LEAKED: Taylor’s private coaching call with clients on offers…

    Traffic and Funnels™ | LEAKED: Taylor’s private coaching call with clients on offers, copywriting messaging Pt.2

    We rejoin the second of a special two-part episode where Taylor takes you behind the curtains of the Client Kit Program and shares one of his private coaching calls covering everything from:

    -How to package and optimize your offer to attract more of your perfect clients (2:30) -Simple skills to becoming a master of persuasion (9:00) -Fine-tuning your marketing message to focus on your customer (19:00)

    And much more!

    Make Sure You Get The Memos! If you want access to the lessons learned building the fastest growing consulting business on the planet, then make sure grab the monthly memos today by visiting www.trafficandfunnels.com/memos

    Finally, don’t forget to grab your free ‘client bundle’ by visiting this link here: www.TrafficAndFunnels.com/GIFT

    Get more Chris Evans and Taylor Welch at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKyqGIFnuFz7exBT78dTUA?sub_confirmation=1

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    Get more of Chris and Taylor at http://thepodcastfactory.com/traffic-and-funnels-smartest-guys-in-marketing/

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  3. Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals

    Affiliate marketing is a complicated, multidisciplinary practice that is often misunderstood. At its heart, it is a performance-based marketing technique in which affiliates are financially rewarded for sending customers to another website to purchase goods or services. If you have a website, blog, or other online property, you too can earn money through affiliate marketing. Expert Geno Prussakov explores basic principles, from payment models to typical affiliate agreements; winning tactics and techniques, as well as roadblocks to future earnings; and the day-to-day practices that result in a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

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  4. Brighter Vision Webinar: Top 6 Mistakes in Private Practice & How to Avoid Them

    Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT co-owners of The Private Practice Startup were featured on Brighter Vision’s Webinar. They Discussed "The Top 6 Mistakes in Private Practice & How to Avoid Them." Watch the webinar for private practice tips, tricks, and hacks saving you time and money. Visit www.ThePrivatePracticeStartup.com for more information about our services or products and our "resources" tab to download our FREE giveaways. Visit www.BrighterVision.com for website design and get your first month FREE by using the code "Startup".

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  5. Interview with Kathryn Kelly - VP - Marketing/Media, Discovery Digital Media

    I had a great “Paths in Marketing” conversation with Kathryn Kelly from Discovery Communications. Kathryn is a former DECA member who is now the Vice President of Media & Marketing for Discovery Digital Media. In this interview, she discusses what she is doing now as well as how she has seen marketing change over the past 10 years. She also shares some ideas that will help high school students be better marketers.

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  6. The Engagin Brand:

    Is Business to business marketing different to business to consumer?Suzanne_photo2005

    Is B2B marketing easier?

    The subjectivity of a marketing strategy.

    Is a marketing strategy in B2B best built over the medium term?

    How B2B marketing is about all functions

    The friendship model of marketing

    In these recessionary times what should professional services be doing?

    Outside trust starts with inside honesty.

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  7. PNR This Old Marketing podcast

    In this episode, Robert and Joe discuss how Facebook is becoming a pure pay-to-play platform. They talk about how much data is needed for content marketing strategy, a record month for magazine launches and how a 16th century astronomer inspires effective content marketing. Plus, a declaration about Google+ and this week’s #ThisOldMarketing example.


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