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  1. Episode 63: Facebook Ads: The Struggle is Real | Podcast

    The Private Practice Startup podcast interviewed Michael J. Formica on: Facebook Ads: The Struggle is Real. Listen now, Startup Nation!


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  2. Brighter Vision Webinar: Top 6 Mistakes in Private Practice & How to Avoid Them

    Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT co-owners of The Private Practice Startup were featured on Brighter Vision’s Webinar. They Discussed "The Top 6 Mistakes in Private Practice & How to Avoid Them." Watch the webinar for private practice tips, tricks, and hacks saving you time and money. Visit www.ThePrivatePracticeStartup.com for more information about our services or products and our "resources" tab to download our FREE giveaways. Visit www.BrighterVision.com for website design and get your first month FREE by using the code "Startup".

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBlP3NDFjQA
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  3. Collaboration Hacks for Private Practitioners | Abundance Practice-Building

    Laura Long is the owner and Lead Badass over at YourBadassTherapyPractice.com, where she helps driven, Type A therapists build successful private practices by unleashing their inner badass. Laura offers business individual and group coaching, as well as an onslaught of free practice-building tips and motivation through her email list. Laura’s 8-week flagship program helps therapists in all stages of practice building to refine their niche, organize their business systems, and create a kickass marketing plan for their businesses. Laura is best known for her sassy, no BS approach that pushes the envelope and challenges the status quo.




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  4. CppCon 2018: R. Leahy “The Networking TS in Practice: Testable, Composable Asynchronous I/O in C++”

    http://CppCon.org Robert Leahy “The Networking TS in Practice: Testable, Composable Asynchronous I/O in C++” — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2018 — As the ISO Standard C++ Networking TS nears inclusion in C++20, Boost Asio, its foundation, has been available for some time; but in-depth coverage of how to use it is sparse. Asio’s own documentation, while thorough and detailed, is far from prescriptive, and offers few footholds for the beginner seeking to use and extend Asio in components of a larger software architecture. How can a library use Asio, or the TS, adding value and simplicity for users without hiding its power or sacrificing performance?

    This talk provides all the context and prescriptive guidance required to get started building software components based on Asio and the Networking TS, ripe for reuse and composition. It covers in detail the guarantees Asio offers, and the patterns Asio uses: Why they are important, how to use and extend them, and how to present them to users of your components. It further demonstrates patterns and practices for constructing testable Asio- and Networking TS-based components.

    The talk also includes an overview of how the Networking TS is evolving on its way to inclu…

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  5. Heavy Networking 461: Key Concepts Of Intent-Based Networking - Packet Pushers

    On today’s Heavy Networking, we peer behind the curtain of Intent-Based Networking (IBN) with guest Phil Gervasi, who wrote a pair of white papers for the Packet Pushers’ Ignition membership site. We discuss core concepts of IBN, including network abstraction, continuous validation, and automated remediation.


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  6. #92: How to Network Without Networking With John Corcoran by The Art of Manliness

    When many people hear the word "networking" images of hotel conference rooms filled with strangers pressing flesh and handing out business cards while giving one minute elevator pitches come to mind. It’s like a white collar purgatory. But according to my podcast guest, networking doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, it can actually be pleasant and even fun. In today’s show I talk to attorney, networking expert, and AoM contributor John Cororan about how to network like a pro. https://soundcloud.com/artofmanliness/92-how-to-network-without-networking-with-john-corcoran

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  7. Software Defined Networking | LAS 437

    What is Software Defined Networking (SDL) & why is it a major focus for The Linux Foundation? We visit the OpenDayLight Summit & discover how the open source philosophy applied to networking is transforming an industry.


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