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  1. The new age of corporate monopolies | Margrethe Vestager

    Margrethe Vestager wants to keep European markets competitive — which is why, on behalf of the EU, she’s fined Google $2.8 billion for breaching antitrust rules, asked Apple for $15.3 billion in back taxes and investigated a range of companies, from Gazprom to Fiat, for anti-competitive practices. In an important talk about the state of the global business, she explains why markets need clear rules — and how even the most innovative companies can become a problem when they become too dominant. "Real and fair competition has a vital role to play in building the trust we need to get the best of our societies," Vestager says. "And that starts with enforcing our rules."

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  2. Martha Lane Fox guest edits Today

    Tech entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox speaks to the EU’s Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, who says tech became ‘darker and more muddy’ in 2018. She visits Silicon Valley to see how start-ups are looking for solution to climate change; ex-Irish President Mary Robinson is asked about Sheikha Latifa; and the programme ends with a karaoke challenge by Martha Lane Fox.

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  3. The Competition Among Google, Amazon, Facebook And Apple : NPR

    Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple are expanding rapidly into finance, advertising, media and retail. Tech writer Farhad Manjoo outlines how the four companies are heading in new directions — and encroaching on each other’s territory — as they try to expand their customer base.


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  4. re:publica 2019 – Publisher’s patrons: How Big Tech is re-defining journalism

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    Google and Facebook dominate online advertising and play a pivotal role in news distribution. But that is not the only way in which big tech companies colonize journalism. Google, especially, has been a pioneer in funding ‘innovation’ in media organisations. What is the search giant trying to achieve with its 150 million euro fund for European media? Our cross-border investigation looked at how Google uses its money as soft-power tool in journalism. In our panel, we will discuss our findings.

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