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Did you catch Dave Arnold on CNN's The Next List? If you missed it, don't worry- Dave and Nastassia Lopez are in the studio for another episode of Cooking Issues. Once again, Dave sets the record straight about liquid nitrogen use in a culinary setting. Find out where processed cheese was invented, and learn about the flavor-enhancing qualities of salt! Dave takes two caller questions: one about frying pork chops, and another about preparing stocks in pressure cookers. Tune in to hear Dave's recommendations! Also, hear Dave recap some of his Thanksgiving cooking techniques! This episode has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

'I think people use too much water in their stock- period.' [44:30]

'I hate it when I see the turkey in a roasting pan, and the sides of the pan come up over the turkey… Lift up your turkey! Be proud of your turkey!' [52:30]

— Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues



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