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  1. #Girlboss Radio: Alyssa Mastromonaco, COO of Vice Media & Former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Obama - Nasty Galaxy

    She went from bagging groceries to traveling the globe with the leader of the free world. So yeah, she’s a beast.Alyssa Mastromonaco was a powerhouse from day one. Even in her grocery stores days when she “packed bags like a demon,” she had a gift for logistics. That gift led her all the way to the White House where, after feeling the Bern before that was even a thing and Jerry McGuire-ing her way into a job for John Kerry, she served as President Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff. If you wanted to talk to President Obama, you had to go through Alyssa first, so kind of a BFD. She left politics in 2014, and now works as the Chief Operating Officer of Vice Media. On this week’s episode, she and Sophia talk about getting the cold shoulder from Obama during her interview, how “embracing the low-level shit” puts you on the fast track to gettin’ hired, and why a super legit grilled cheese sandwich is sometimes the only solve. Listen in here, read more here, or scroll down for the full story.ShareFacebookTwitterPinterest


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