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  1. BBC World Service - The Interview: Ursula Le Guin

    Author Ursula Le Guin gives Owen Bennett Jones a lesson in science fiction and talks about how her work has been influenced by anthropology and Taoism. She also tells the story of Ishi, a native American who escaped the massacre of his tribe.

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  2. Ursula Le Guin at 80

    Writer China Mieville talks to American science fiction writer Ursula Le Guin.

    Le Guin was a trailblazer - writing in the 1960s, her series of books about the adventures of a boy wizard, Ged, included characters of every race and colour. Her fiction has been acutely concerned with politics, portraying worlds destroyed by environmental catastrophe that prefigured modern concerns about global warming, and societies without gender just as modern-day feminism began to take off.

    Featuring contributions and tributes from Iain Banks and Margaret Atwood.

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  3. Ursula Le Guin on the Decline of Reading | To the best of our KNOWLEDGE

    Celebrated science fiction and fantasy author Ursula Le Guin tells Steve Paulson that she believes books will always endure. Her thoughts on reading appeared in an essay in Harper’s Magazine called "Notes on the Alleged Decline in Reading."

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  4. Books and Authors

    Mariella Frostrup speaks to Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer about her collected short fiction; author Tom Holland discusses the legacy of I, Claudius; writers Ian McMillan, Tessa Hadley and Andrew Martin explain the enduring allure of railways in fiction.

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  5. Ursula Le Guin

    Ursula K. Le Guin accepts the National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters at the 65th National Book Awards on November 19, 2014.

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  6. Ursula K. Le Guin Steers Her Craft Into A New Century : NPR

    The famed novelist says that at 85 she no longer has the energy to write another book, but she’s just released a revised and updated edition of her manual for aspiring writers, Steering the Craft.

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  7. Listen Now! Interview with George R.R. Martin and Christopher Paolini « Del Rey and Spectra - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Graphic Novels, and More

    Home of SF and fantasy publishers Del Rey and Spectra, with the latest news on our authors and books, plus exclusive content and ebooks.

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  8. George RR Martin (2104 Event) | Media | Edinburgh International Book Festival

    It’s not too often that an author will so happily embrace the film or TV show adapted from his or her own fiction, but George R R Martin se


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  9. S&L Podcast - #161 - What Harry Potter Stole from Earthsea — Sword & Laser

    Direct download link here!WHAT ARE WE DRINKING?    Tom: Bikini Blonde Lager   Veronica: 2011 Plantagenet Shiraz Omrah    QUICK BURNS        Announcing the instructors for the 2014 Clarion Writers’ Workshop    SF writing competition: a world without the Normal Curve!    British science fiction book awards lurch towards gender parity    Intel Leviathan Project    This interactive chart maps out all the storylines in The Hobbit         CALENDAR        TV, MOVIES AND VIDEO GAMES        Neil Gaiman’s American Gods gets a brand new TV deal    BOOK KICK-OFF        A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin    Wikipedia entry for ‘A Wizard of Earthsea’    Ursula K. Le Guin’s website        March Poll launched, vote on what our book should be!April will be a book picked by our Kickstarter backer Bryan Benson!        BARE YOUR SWORD        What fictional items would you decorate a room with?        Adding "lem" to the dictionary        EMAIL    Hi Guys,I listened to TNT for a long time and really enjoyed Tom’s narrative about tech and the tech industry. I just returned to TNT from a short hiatus to discover that Tom is no longer there. It’s only been a couple of episodes but it doesn’t feel the same. I don’t think TNT will be the same without Tom.Anyway…. I remembered Tom use to mention S&L from time to time on TNT and figured I’d give it a try. I downloaded and listened to my first S&L episode (#160) today and liked what I heard.I use to submit articles in the TNT’s sub reddit from time to time. Not sure what the official way is to submit for this show but I just read a book I thought was very relevant to discuss you guys had about how Fantasy and Scifi are so tied together and how (as Tom mentioned) it even mixes into Horror sometimes.I thought this book was really cool for just that reason. It’s got pirates it’s got sudo time travel it’s got monsters. Take a look!Mike E.Kevin Singer – The Last Conquistador 

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  10. Ursula K. Le Guin @AURA, Aarhus University Research on The Anthropocene

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