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  1. Episode 650: The Business Genius Behind Get Out : Planet Money : NPR

    Jason Blum makes a lot of movies and makes them cheap. So why are so many turning into blockbusters?



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  2. EP-139 Alan Newman, Craft Beer Emeritus — Good Beer Hunting

    Way back in 1994, in Burlington, Vermont, a little brewery named Magic Hat

    sprung to life making what for many of its customers was the first “craft

    beer” they’d ever taste. One of its co-founders was Alan Newman, who became

    not only the entrepreneurial force behind the company, but the whimsical,

    hippie, bearded face of the brand itself. 

    By the time he’d gotten Magic Hat off the ground, he was already well on

    his way to being a serial entrepreneur, and after his frustrated departure

    from the brewery in 2010, as part of a private equity deal, he went on to

    be the strategic, creative and, again, somewhat-of-a-face for brands like

    Coney Island, Concrete Beach, the Traveler Shandy company, and Angel City


    At the latter, he was working as part of the Alchemy & Science portfolio

    owned by Boston Beer. Indeed, he was working directly with Jim Koch. I

    worked alongside Alan and his team for a couple years as they built and

    re-positioned these brands, so part of today’s conversation will include a

    look back at some of the challenges and opportunities in that work from

    Alan’s perspective. 

    Now? He’s done. He’s walking away from the beer industry. Or so he says. I

    don’t exactly believe it. Alan has a funny way of always reeling himself

    back into the business. Alan and beer just can’t quite quit each other. And

    regardless of whether he comes back, or new ventures await, his perspective

    on what’s happening in our industry now is always fascinating and

    instructive for me because he was there in the room when so many decisions

    were made. Decisions like who will be defined as a “craft brewer” in the

    first place. And what’s the value of that definition?

    And then, of course, how so many of the challenges he faced with Magic Hat

    in the ’90s are timeless for small brewers today. The more things change,

    the more they stay the same, as it were.



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  3. The Future: History that Hasn’t Happened Yet - SXSW 2017

    Bruce Sterling - author, journalist, editor, critic, theorist, futurist, and blogger – rattles the future’s bones in his annual SXSW rant. He’s the legendary Cyberpunk Guru. He roams our postmodern planet, from the polychrome tinsel of Los Angeles to the chicken-fried cyberculture of Austin… From the heretical Communist slums of gritty Belgrade to the Gothic industrial castles of artsy Torino… always whipping that slider-bar between the unthinkable and the unimaginable.

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  4. Devil’s Rope - 99% Invisible


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  5. Anil Dash — Tech’s Moral Reckoning | On Being

    Anil Dash is a technologist, social media influencer, and vocal activist for moral imagination in the digital sphere. He believes that we can all contribute to the humane potential of technology in this moment.


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  6. Jeff and Casey’s Guide to Becomming a Bigger Programmer


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  7. Will I Know Anyone at This Party? | This American Life

    Right now a lot of Republicans feel like they don’t recognize their own party.


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  8. Love Your Work w/ David Kadavy – Cards Against Humanity’s Max Temkin - Product Hunt

    Love Your Work w/ David Kadavy – Cards Against Humanity’s Max Temkin - Max Temkin on becoming a connoisseur.. (Podcasting, Developer Podcasts, and Business P…


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  9. Tough Room

    We go into the writers’ room at The Onion, where they start with over 600 potential headlines for their fake-news newspaper each week.

    Original video: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/348/tough-room
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  10. #Girlboss Radio: Alyssa Mastromonaco, COO of Vice Media & Former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Obama - Nasty Galaxy

    She went from bagging groceries to traveling the globe with the leader of the free world. So yeah, she’s a beast.Alyssa Mastromonaco was a powerhouse from day one. Even in her grocery stores days when she “packed bags like a demon,” she had a gift for logistics. That gift led her all the way to the White House where, after feeling the Bern before that was even a thing and Jerry McGuire-ing her way into a job for John Kerry, she served as President Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff. If you wanted to talk to President Obama, you had to go through Alyssa first, so kind of a BFD. She left politics in 2014, and now works as the Chief Operating Officer of Vice Media. On this week’s episode, she and Sophia talk about getting the cold shoulder from Obama during her interview, how “embracing the low-level shit” puts you on the fast track to gettin’ hired, and why a super legit grilled cheese sandwich is sometimes the only solve. Listen in here, read more here, or scroll down for the full story.ShareFacebookTwitterPinterest


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