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  1. Analog(ue) #79: Like in Pizza - Relay FM

    With Casey away on assignment, Myke is joined by his partner Adina for a very special episode of Analog(ue). Listen as this multinational couple dive in to Adina’s personal history and answer questions submitted by listeners.


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  2. Upgrade #33: Personal Electronic Notebooks - Relay FM

    Stephen Hackett joins Jason to talk about John Siracusa’s semi-retirement, online shopping, the future of the OS X brand name, Photos for Mac, and Myke’s trip to Atlanta.


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  3. The Podcast Digest : TPD 29 - Beyond Inquisitive with Myke Hurley from Relay FM

    Myke Hurley from Relay FM joins me to discuss his newest podcast, Inquisitve, and why it’s different than anything you’ve heard before!  We also discuss many of the other great offering from Relay FM. They are excellent listens and you will love the work that Myke and all of Relay FM are doing!  Go subscribe!

    Links mentioned in this episode:

    Relay FM (Website)

    Inquisitive (Website)

    If you like this interview, you will like Myke’s recent talk he gave at the Apple Store, Covent Garden in London (Itunes) entitled "How I Became an Independent Podcaster"


    This week’s show also features TPD’s new and updated logo!  This excellent work came from Matt Candela from the That’ll Play Podcast. Check out his design work at his website.



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  4. Upgrade #29: Velcro Ball - Relay FM

    Live from the Úll conference in Ireland, Jason and Myke discuss ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’, and how this book addresses Apple in the early days, the value of being able to meet people in person and finally address whether Myke Was Right.


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  5. Upgrade #30: Boarding a Sinking Ship - Relay FM

    Jason and special guest John Siracusa discuss the iPhone 6 Plus, reactions to "Becoming Steve Jobs," Apple’s lost decade, and what lessons can be learned by business successes and failures.


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