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  1. Presentable #82: Why Do We Go to Design Conferences? - Relay FM

    Special guest and event organizer Marc Thiele joins the show. He


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  2. Presentable #56: How to Present Your Work - Relay FM

    Special guest and founder of Mule Design, Mike Monteiro, joins the show. We discuss why presenting your work is such a crucial skill, and how so many designers get it wrong.


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  3. Presentable #44: How Not to Screw Up Your Brand - Relay FM

    Special guest Jason Santa Maria returns to the program in his new role as Design Director of Slate. We talk about a recent redesign and rebranding he did, and how to manage change both internally and with your users.


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  4. Presentable #28: Everything You Know About Web Design Changed Last March - Relay FM

    This week we discuss CSS Grid Layout with Jen Simmons, Designer Advocate at the Mozilla Foundation. We also cover how web standards are made, how that’s different from the past, and how to keep up with it all.


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  5. 50: Evan You - What’s Coming in Vue.js 2.0 | Full Stack Radio

    In this episode, Adam talks to Evan You about what’s coming in Vue.js 2.0.

    Topics include:

    • The motivation for rewriting Vue.js from scratch

    • What is a virtual DOM and what are the benefits?

    • How does Vue.js 2.0 stack up performance wise? (spoiler alert, it’s fast)

    • When should you use templates vs. a render function?

    • Why two-way props have been deprecated and what you should do instead

    • Best practices for dealing with custom component events

    • The 1.0 to 2.0 upgrade path

    • Building native mobile applications with Vue.js and Weex


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  6. Non Breaking Space Show #74: Micah Godbolt — Frontend Architecture for Design Systems - Goodstuff FM

    Micah Godbolt is a frontend architect, trainer, and speaker based out of Portland, Oregon. Micah has a book that has been recently published by O’Reilly Media called Frontend Architecture for Design Systems.


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