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  1. Mac Power Users #485: WWDC and Interview with the Mac Pro Product Manager - Relay FM

    Stephen and David have boots on the ground in San Jose for WWDC 2019. In this episode, they interview Doug Brooks, the Apple Product Manager for the new Mac Pro. Afterward, David and Stephen share thoughts on the announcements and updates from WWDC.


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  2. fanbys Episode #25 - Besser ist immer auch anders

    00:00:00 Anfang 00:00:07 Mit Dominik 00:00:11 Und Martin 00:00:58 Two X or not two X… 00:02:26 P-Ram Reset 00:03:10 Bildspur 00:04:43 Coverart SNAFU 00:05:33 Livestream - yay or nay? 00:07:51 WWDC Videos sind da! 00:10:47 Old farts talking about DVD sets 00:11:52 Andy Baio wird verklagt 00:16:30 Atomadler 00:20:32 Everything is a remix 00:21:18 Patente sind nicht Produkte 00:24:49 Apple Patente 00:26:52 Unspektakuläre neue Basestations 00:29:52 Unspektakuläres 10.6.8 00:31:24 Nokia N9. Schade eigentlich. 00:36:00 Final Cut Pro X 00:48:15 Ocarina of Time Praxiserfahrungen 00:57:28 Natural User Interface Ads for Kinect 01:01:41 Indie Game: The Movie 01:03:28 Mario Marathon 01:05:43 The Witness 01:07:07 Team Fortress 2: Wumme für umme 01:09:16 1-Bit Ninja 01:15:02 Rausschmeisser


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