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  1. The Web Platform Podcast : 139: The state of CSS moving forward in 2018

    Summary This week Erik Meyer joins us to talk about the past, present and future of CSS. Delving into some web history, discussing why CSS can be overlooked in regards to app development and the reasons people can be off-put by CSS this episode is a delightful insight into the mind of a web legend. Resources Angular 4.4.X released. Be sure to update to the latest patch in 4.4 as there was an issue with the initial release Quick shoutout to the npm package ng-packagr for making it simple to package angular modules for npm As of Firefox 57.0a1, U2F is sitting behind a flag, which hopefully land soon the ability to use YubiKeys and the related security keys Polymer 2.1.0 landed, which now allows the setting of Polymer.passiveTouchGeastures to enable better scroll performance iOS 11 begins rolling out today, which means that Safari 11 has a new set of fixes and features, including more standards compliant flexbox, flags to enable experimental features, WebRTC and Media Capture for real-time video/audio, and much more The upcoming iPhone X “notch” does seem to have workarounds for the web which is good news Guests Eric Meyer (@meyerweb) Panel Justin Ribeiro (@justinribeiro) Danny Blue (@dee_bloo) Amal Hussein (@nomadtechie) Follow The Web Platform podcast on Twitter for regular updates @TheWebPlatform.  


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