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  1. The power of eBPF with Liz Rice (The Changelog #501) |> Changelog

    eBPF is a revolutionary kernel technology that has lit the cloud native world on fire. If you’re going to have one person explain the excitement, that person would be Liz Rice. Liz is the COSO at Isovalent, creators of the open source Cilium project and pioneers of eBPF tech. On this episode Liz tells Jerod all about t…


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  2. Mob programming deep dive with Woody Zuill (The Changelog #488) |> Changelog

    We’re talking with Woody Zuill today about all things Mob Programming. Woody leads Mob Programming workshops, he’s a speaker on agile related topics, and coaches and guides orgs interested in creating an environment where people can do their best work. We talk through it all and we even get some amazing advice from Woo…


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  3. From Kubernetes to PaaS - now what? with Mark Ericksen, Elixir specialist & Thinking Elixir podcast host (Ship It! #51) |> Changelog

    Today we talk to Mark Ericksen about all the things that we could be doing on the new platform - this is a follow-up to episode 50. Mark specialises in Elixir, he hosts the Thinking Elixir podcast, and he also helps make Fly.io the best place to run Phoenix apps, such as changelog.com. In the interest of holding our ne…


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  4. GFST06 Gretchenfrage Stammtisch: Spiritualität, Esoterik und warum wir kein Punkt sein können – Gretchenfrage

    Was kostet eigentlich Weihwasser, und hält es böse Geister fern? Ist ein spiritistisches Medium wirklich die richtige Adresse zur Trauerbewältigung? Und warum helfen Fakten nicht immer dabei, weniger Angst zu haben? Zu Gast in dieser Folge: Die fabelhafte Comiczeichnerin Sarah Burrini aus Köln, die sich vor geraumer Zeit bei Twitter derart eloquent über den unkritischen Umgang mit esoterischen Praktiken geärgert hat, dass wir sie kurzerhand zu uns eingeladen haben. Wir spazieren durch die Wirrnis vermeintlicher Heilsversprechen und werfen auch einen Blick auf katholische Praktiken, mit denen gerne mal ins Reich des Aberglaubens abgebogen wird. Viel Spaß beim Hören!


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  5. A deep-dive on Vite featuring Evan You (JS Party #212) |> Changelog

    Amal and Nick load up on coffee for a not-so-vite (lame joke!) conversation with Evan You all about Vite – a batteries included next-generation frontend tooling library. Vite continues to push the ecosystem forward with even stronger defaults, super speedy local development workflows, and a highly extensible universal …


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  6. Building fully declarative systems with Nix featuring Vincent Ambo from Nixery (Ship It! #37) |> Changelog

    Vincent Ambo –the person behind nixery.dev, tvl.fyi, and a former Google engineer– shares his take on monorepos, Nix, and fully declarative systems without any Flux, Argo or Kubernetes. While the tooling is impressive, it’s the principles behind it that captivated Gerhard’s imagination. Vincent has a rather interesting…


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  7. The Woman With No Face - Fantasy Magazine

    Ankuin knew she was in a sim by the mineral taste in her mouth. The other tells were more subtle: the fractal pattern of moss on the cave wall, the cyclical rhythm of the rain on wet fronds, and the lyrical birdsong piercing through the dense forest. Most people wouldn’t notice such details, because most people didn’t have a reason to doubt their senses. But Ankuin’s senses were never fully her own.


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