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  1. Coding in the cloud with Codespaces featuring Cory Wilkerson, Senior Director of Engineering at GitHub (The Changelog #459) |> Changelog

    On this special edition of The Changelog, we’re talking with Cory Wilkerson, Senior Director of Engineering at GitHub, about GitHub Codespaces. For years now, the possibility of coding in the cloud seemed so close, yet so far away for a number of reasons. According to Cory, the raw ingredients to make coding in the clo…


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  2. OAuth, “It’s complicated.” with Aaron Parecki (The Changelog #456) |> Changelog

    Today we’re joined by Aaron Parecki, co-founder of IndieWebCamp and maintainer of OAuth.net, for a deep dive on the state of OAuth 2.0 and what’s next in OAuth 2.1. We cover the complications of OAuth, RFCs like Proof Key for Code Exchange, also known as PKCE, OAuth for browser-based apps, and next generation specs lik…


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  3. Modern unix tools with Nick Janetakis (The Changelog #451) |> Changelog

    This week we’re talking with Nick Janetakis about modern unix tools, and the various commands, tooling, and ways we use the commmand line. Do you Bash or Zsh? Do you use cat or bat? What about man vs tldr? Today’s show is a deep dive into unix tools you know and love, or should know and maybe love.


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  4. Restic has your backup with Alexander Neumann (The Changelog #434) |> Changelog

    Alexander Neumann takes Jerod on a tour of Restic, the world-class backup solution that’s fast, secure, and cross-platform. We discuss why he created Restic in the first place, how (and why you should) you use it, some of its more interesting technical bits, lessons learned over the years building and maintaining a com…


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  5. Julie Lythcott-Haims: Writer, Speaker, and Human - Guy Kawasaki

    Julie Lythcott-Haims speaks and writes on the phenomenon of helicopter parenting and the dangers of a checklisted childhood — the subject of her book, "How to Raise an Adult."


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