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  1. Brendan Dawes ‘Working at the intersection of People, Objects & Technology.’ - This is HCD

    We’re at Pixel Pioneers in Belfast today.

    A conference that has been going for two years.

    It was a fantastic day.


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  2. Blair Braverman And Her Dogs Finish First Attempt At Iditarod

    Blair Braverman just finished her rookie attempt at the nearly 1,000-mile Iditarod race in Alaska. She sent a radio diary of the most-notable moments from her first go at the race.


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  3. Theirworld — Responsive Web Design

    Theirworld helps children achieve their potential. Ewan Watt and Ellen de Vries tell us how their innovative new responsive website helps with that mission.


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  4. Robin Ince: Science versus wonder? | TED Talk

    Does science ruin the magic of life? In this grumpy but charming monologue, Robin Ince makes the argument against. The more we learn about the astonishing behavior of the universe — the more we stand in awe.


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  5. The Incomparable 455 Ewokalypse

    We break down the “Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker” teaser trailer scene by scene, speculate about what the title means, question how to balance the closure of the classic saga without straying too far into nostalgia trips, and offer some wild speculation. Then we wrap things up with a discussion of the future of the franchise now that it’s moving (at least temporarily) to the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service.


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  6. Artificial intelligence explained on Kara Swisher Recode Decode podcast - Recode

    AI Now Institute founders Kate Crawford and Meredith Whittaker explain everything you need to know on the latest Recode Decode.


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  7. Katie Bouman: How to take a picture of a black hole | TED Talk

    At the heart of the Milky Way, there’s a supermassive black hole that feeds off a spinning disk of hot gas, sucking up anything that ventures too close — even light. We can’t see it, but its event horizon casts a shadow, and an image of that shadow could help answer some important questions about the universe. Scientists used to think that making such an image would require a telescope the size of Earth — until Katie Bouman and a team of astronomers came up with a clever alternative. Bouman explains how we can take a picture of the ultimate dark using the Event Horizon Telescope.


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  8. #140 The Roman Mars Mazda Virus by Reply All from Gimlet Media

    Ben loves podcasts, but he has a problem. When he tries to listen to one podcast in particular, his car stereo completely breaks. This week, Super Tech Support takes on one of its strangest cases — Roman Mars versus a 2016 Mazda sedan.


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  9. #69 Disappeared by Reply All from Gimlet Media

    This week a man decides to sabotage the entire internet. Plus, PJ discovers the secret code he’s accidentally been speaking, and learns about the people who created it.


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  10. Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher on adapting to the modern landscape of web design | Overtime Design Podcast by Dribbble

    Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher joins us on this episode of Overtime to share her insights on all things web design and how the field has evolved over years. Meagan shares her thoughts on what it means to be a web designer now vs. a decade ago and also tells us about how her own process has changed over the years. She’ll also share how the backbone of her career involved learning how to code and why she encourages today’s newer generation of designers to learn the skill.

    Meagan also shares some unconventional ways you can conduct user research when you don’t have the budget for it. You won’t want to miss it!


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