Seth Lloyd: Quantum Computer Reality - The Long Now

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  1. Quantum Computing: A Primer

    One of the key insights that legendary physicist and Nobel Prize laureate Richard Feynman had was that quantum mechanics (the branch of physics that deals with subatomic particles, uncertainty principle, and many other concepts beyond classic physics) is just way too complicated to simulate using traditional computers. Nature, of course, can handle these complex calculations — computers however can’t do those same calculations (or would take a prohibitively long time and amount of resources to do so). But this isn’t just about being able to do more with computers in a faster (or smaller) way: It’s about solving problems that we couldn’t solve with traditional computers; it’s about a difference of kind not just degree. So what is a quantum computer and "qubits" — especially as compared to a traditional computer and bits? What is Grover’s Algorithm? And besides speed of processing, what are some of the new applications that wouldn’t have been possible before? From how traditional computers work and quantum computers will work to why this all matters, a16z Deal and Research team head Frank Chen walks us through the basics of quantum computing in this slide presentation. And even though may feel like you finally understand after watching this, just remember what Feynman once said: "If you think you understand quantum mechanics then you don’t understand quantum mechanics." [for sou…

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  2. DTNS 2141: Quanto smash! | Daily Tech News Show

    Darren Kitchen of Hak5 joins me to talk about Quantum Computers and free Harvard coding classes, while Len Peralta illustrates the show and introduces us to Quanto!

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    Show Notes

    Further reading on Quantum Computing (from Darren)

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  3. Quantum Computing

    In this week’s episode, Scott Aaronson, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, explains what a quantum computer is, various possible applications, the types of problems they are good at solving and much more. Kyle and Scott have a lively discussion about the capabilities and limits of quantum computers and computational complexity

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  4. Long Distance Quantum Communication

    This talk should introduce the general 30c3 participant with several components of long distance quantum communication.

    Quantum key distrution, popularized under the name quantum cryptography, is the widest known branch of quantum communication. It describes the secure exchange of a secret key in public, protected by physical laws. Several components are necessary to extend over long distances, which are actively researched. An introduction will be given into the theoretical and experimental requirements for quantum communication. The concept of the quantum repeater, with its components, quantum memory and entanglement swapping, will be discussed in detail.

    Day: 2013-12-27 Start time: 18:30 Duration: 01:00 Room: Saal G Track: Science & Engineering Language: en

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  5. 31C3: Let’s build a quantum computer!

    I will explain why quantum computing is interesting, how it works and what you actually need to build a working quantum computer. I will use the superconducting two-qubit quantum processor I built during my PhD as an example to explain its basic building blocks. I will show how we used this processor to achieve so-called quantum speed-up for a search algorithm that we ran on it. Finally, I will give a short overview of the current state of superconducting quantum computing and Google’s recently announced effort to build a working quantum computer in cooperation with one of the leading research groups in this field.


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  6. Naked Scientist 2010-09-20

    On this week’s edition of the Naked Scientist, the world comes a step closer to making quantum computing a reality — and for those not in the know, a quantum computer offers a gigantic — rather than a "quantum" - leap forward in computing power and could be capable of the kinds of computations that we need to perform to design the next generation of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Ansell and Ben Valsler, to take a look at what else has been making scientific headlines around the world this week, including why street lighting could spell disaster for birds’ breeding habits and how researchers have shed new light on how antidepressants work in the brain.


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  7. 31C3: Diamonds are a quantum computer’s best friend

    The next revolution in data processing is Quantum computing. This talk is an entertaining “tour de force” starting with a brief introduction to the fascinating yet strange theories of quantum physics, the concepts of using these in quantum computing and the latest results on qubits in devices made out of real diamonds. If you want to learn about the machines that decrypt your passwords in the coming years and how you can actually grow diamonds in your microwave oven (and who wouldn’t?) this talk is for you!


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