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  1. Podcast: Dan Harris on 10% Happier - Accidental Creative

    In 2004, ABC News anchor Dan Harris suffered a panic attack in front of five million people on national television, which led to a personal quest to discover how to be more present and emotionally healthy. On today’s episode, he shares some of what he discovered and chronicled in his book 10% Happier. For more, visit 10percenthappier.com.

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  2. How Joe Berkowitz (Journalist and Fast Company Editor) Writes: Part One

    In addition to his work for Fast Company, Joe’s writing has been featured in The Awl, Salon, The Village Voice, Vulture, RollingStone.com, GQ.com, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and many others.

    For a writer who works on breakneck deadlines, and almost never gets a break from the writing life, he has some pretty solid advice for keeping the cursor moving.

    Join us for this two-part interview.

    In Part One of the file Joe Berkowitz and I discuss:

    How a Bad Breakup Can Boost Your Productivity When to Throw Out the Rule “All Killer, No Filler” How to Build Your Writing Endurance Don Draper’s Advice for Beating Writer’s Block How Making Lists Can Help Your Head The Magical Power of 4 AM Dementia

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  3. Creative Spaces Podcast Ep. 11 Greg Rucka

    Greg Rucka talks with Creative Spaces this week. He discusses the beginnings of his career, how he handles his day to work, juggling multiple projects and how he uses Scrivener for his writing. If you listen to one Creative Spaces Podcast, it should be this one.

    Follow Greg Rucka on Twitter:@ruckawriter

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  4. The Evolution of SEO: Adapt or Die | Rainmaker.FM

    In today’s episode of Search & Deploy, we discuss the differences between SEO consulting for clients vs. offering a business solution for the SEO industry.

    Search and Deploy is brought to you by the Rainmaker Platform, the complete website solution for content marketers and online entrepreneurs. Find out more and take a free 14-day test drive at rainmaker.fm/platform.

    My guest today is Melissa Fach, who reinvented herself in the SEO world after years of consulting and training. She now offers community management for companies that provide SEO tools, data, or conferences.

    Since pivoting her professional role in the SEO industry, Melissa has managed the blog publishing and community management for companies such as Moz, Authority Labs and now Pubcon.

    Listen to Search and Deploy below …The Evolution of SEO: Adapt or Die





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