jfehlis / Jan-Hinrich Fehlis

Designer, Productivity- and Webness-Fan Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover, Germany. I work as a graphics-designer. My specialties are in print- and web-design, SEO and online marketing, photo-design and advertising copy.

I love procrastinating with productivity tools like: 37signals’ Basecamp, Action Method, Things, TeuxDeux, TaskPaper, … !

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  1. #36 Cabel Sasser — Same Great Taste, Bold New Logo

    Panic’s Cabel Sasser joins Dave and Lex on a very special musical episode of Unprofessional.


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  2. Guide to Zombies - Podcast - Part V: She’s Not Your Mother Anymore

    University of Alabama professor Sean Hoade discusses Freud’s Uncanny and its importance to zombie fiction.


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  3. Fighting Fire With Fire: Why Some Burns Are Good For Nature : NPR

    Fire is a natural part of the western landscape, and a push over the last century to eliminate fires has threatened the habitats that some plants and animals need. In a Montana valley, fire scientists are trying to show that they can actually save wilderness by burning it.


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  4. Sicher vor digitalen Spionen

    Russischer Geheimdienst kauft deutsche Schreibmaschinen

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  5. Back to Work #10: At Last the ‘Inspiration’ Show - 5by5

    Back to Work #10: At Last the ‘Inspiration’ Show - 5by5


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  6. Workflows with Merlin Mann II « Mac Power Users

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  7. “Cure for the Common Font” — A Web Designer’s Introduction to Typeface Selection

    Now that web designers suddenly face the challenge (and delight) of choosing fonts from an ever-growing selection, we thought it’s a good time to recommend some basic principles for making wise type choices.


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