Paolo Ingannato come Predetto da Cristo

Hi Friends of this channel I hope to reach out to Italians, so if you know anyone who speaks Italian, please send this link to them. I hope to reach the pope one day.

If you speak German, French, or any language whatsoever, (other than Spanish which I can do) I want to do in every language the invalidation of Paul simply on the Matthew 24 private vs universal next appearance ground. Thus, ask all Christians to answer one question as #-1 — how can Paul have seen Jesus in a wilderness place, and the companions with him heard the voice, did not understand it, and saw the light, and these facts NOT totally disqualify that Paul met the true Jesus? As these facts mean trusting Paul met Jesus would violate Matthew 24:5, and 11-25. to not "LISTEN" those claiming to have met such a Jesus

Contact me please if you want to do a foreign language version — audio only — I will do everything else - in a foreign tongue, and this way we can give this message in as many language as possible. In that case, please contact me at
Blessings Doug.

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