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  1. A Tropical Horror

    A Tropical Horror

    Adapted by Julie Hoverson from a story by William Hope Hodgson [right click and "save as" to download]

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    Out in the middle of the ocean, strange things prowl under the water. Two young sailors discover that "worse things do happen at sea".

    Cast List Thompson - Reynaud LeBoeuf Joky - Mike Campbell Master Norton - John Lingard Other Voices - Mike Faigenblum, Will Watt, Ayoub Khote

    Associate Director - Beverly Poole

    Music by Komrade K & Kevin MacLeod Editing and Sound: Julie Hoverson Cover Design: Bill Jones [cover art attributions]

    "What kind of a place is it? Why it’s an 1800s merchant ship in the middle of the ocean, can’t you tell?"

    —Huffduffed by jessewillis