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  1. Pitt Meadows Museum Podcast #01

    In this first episode we hear the Joiners talking about the history of their social engagements in Pitt Meadows.

    —Huffduffed by jessewillis

  2. Canadian Copright Consultation held in Vancouver, British Columbia July 20th 2009

    Tony Clement (Minister Of Industry)

    James Moore (Minister Of Heritage)

    Colette Downie (copyright policy at Industy Canada) – civil servant

    Richard Brownsey (President of BC Film) -

    Paul Whitney (City Librarian of Vancouver) – Representing the Canadian Urban Library Council

    Mira Sundara Rajan – (Canada Research Chair of Intellectual Property Law at UBC)

    Danielle Parr (Entertainment Software Association Of Canada) – Representing video game publishers and distributors

    Richard Rosenberg – (President of the B.C. Freedom Of Information And Privacy Association and BCCLA board member) –

    Nina Mitter ? – (British Columbia Library Association Copyright Committee)

    Elizabeth Rains – (President of the BC Association of Magazine Publishers)

    Mary Henricksen - (from the “Arts And Cluture policy anaylst for the branch of the province of British Columbia)

    Tammy Peat (Ministry of Arts? director of Policy?)

    Zoe Atkinson (Minister Clement’s director of Policy?)

    Lisa Cod (Vice President of the BC Museums Association)

    Charles Lazer? – (Council of the Writers Guild Of Canada)

    Bill Henderson (Songwriters Association Of Canada)

    Margot Patterson (General Council with the Canadian Association Of Broadcasters)

    Stephen Ellis? (from Toronto based Ellis Entertainment – representing the copyright committee of CFTPA)

    Jeff Glass (Vancouver Fair Copyright)

    Ian Boyco? (Canadian Federation Of Students)

    Barbara Motzne? (Department Of Canadian Heritage)

    —Huffduffed by jessewillis