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  1. Escape’s “Three Skeleton Key”

    From March 17, 1950. Narrated by Vincent Price

    First made famous by Escape, this radio-play was then broadcast two more times on Suspense after Escape went off the air. Based on a 1937 Esquire magazine short story by the French writer George Toudouze, the story was adapted for Escape in 1949 by James Poe.

    "Three Skeleton Key" is set on the coast of French Guiana in South America. This is a coastline that is also famous for its penal colony on Devil’s Island.

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    Three Skeleton Key (Suspense/Horror) Written by George Toudouze, adapted for radio by James Poe

    Three men who tend the light at a reclusive island off the coast of French Guiana see a rogue ship adrift in the Atlantic. The reason for the derelict ship soon becomes obvious - it has been overrun by hundreds of thousands of ferocious ship’s rats.

    The rats land on the isle and soon we are in for a claustrophobic tale of terror as the three men struggle to keep their minds from cracking under the pressure of thousands and thousands of squeaking, scratching, hungry rats. Credits:

    Producer and Director: Fred Greenhalgh Cast:

    * Burke Brimmer as Jean
    * Craig Bowden as Louis
    * Philip Hobby as Auguste

    Field recordist Randall Farr, Musical Score by Barb Truex.

    Recorded on location at Goat Island Lighthouse off the coast of Cape Porpoise, Maine. Special thanks to the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust and lighthouse keepers Scott and Karen for use of the facility.

    To learn more about the Mad Horse Theater Company, visit their website,

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