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  1. Why sci-fi and fantasy matter | Minnesota Public Radio News

    Sci-fi and fantasy stories "can short-circuit our assumptions about the world around us," says author Ann Leckie.

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  2. Kim Stanley Robinson and Sheldon Solomon on exploration and death – books podcast | Books | The Guardian

    Can humanity escape extinction by reaching for the stars? We confront final questions with the science fiction novelist Kim Stanley Robinson and the psychologist Sheldon Solomon.

    We’re heading off into the unknown in this week’s podcast, with a pair of writers who explore what drives our human experiment.

    The writer Kim Stanley Robinson has been examining possible futures for humanity for 40 years in a series of novels that stretch from nuclear devastation through climate chaos to Mars and beyond. His latest novel, Aurora, pushes 500 years onwards with a story of a vast starship on a 200-year journey to Tau Ceti.

    Robinson explains why he decided to write a generation starship novel and why he’s happier pushing at the boundaries of fiction rather than the boundaries of science.

    The psychologist Sheldon Solomon has, by contrast, been expanding the realm of science, putting an insight from ancient philosophy – that our lives are shaped by our awareness of our own mortality – on a sound experimental footing.

    Solomon explains how he and his colleagues Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszczynski have been measuring the ways in which the fear of death alters our behaviour and how the stories we tell ourselves against that fear have forged history.

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  3. Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson(MUST WATCH!!!)

    Original video:
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  4. The Right Book by Cory Doctorow read by Neil Gaiman

    From the short story collection With A Little Help.


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  5. EP455: Keep Your Shape - Escape Pod : Escape Pod

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  6. Flying Cars and Tricorders: How Sci-Fi Invented the Present

    From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to George Orwell’s 1984 to Spike Jonze’s Oscar-winning Her, artists have imagined what the future will look like. In this week’s episode, Kurt Andersen explores how science fiction has shaped the world we’re living in right now. The inventor of the cell phone gives credit to Star Trek’s communicator; International Space Station superstar Chris Hadfield explains the ups and downs of space; and science writer Carl Zimmer says the giant sandworms of Dune got him interested in life on Earth. And we answer the age old question: where’s my flying car?

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  7. A century of war with Willy Vlautin and HG Wells – books podcast | Books |

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  8. Reading Envy: Reading Envy Podcast 002: Return of the Euthanized Book

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  9. Podcast: Ian Tregillis explains the Milkweed novels - Boing Boing

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  10. Hypnogoria: HYPNOBOBS 73 - Eggs & Orchids: Two Tales from Mr HG Wells

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