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  1. Canadians Love Poop, Americans Love Pizza: How Emojis Fare Worldwide : All Tech Considered : NPR

    A study analyzes more than a billion pieces of emoji data across 16 languages and regions to gauge how different nations communicate. Most emojis sent are happy faces and other positive symbols.

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  2. The origin and evolution of language

    University of Toronto Physics professor Robert K. Logan on The Origin and Evolution of Language and the Emergence of Concepts

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  3. SXSW: Linguistic Mythbusting: The Fake Language of the Web

    Presentation from SXSW 2011.

    When the New York Times banned the word "Tweet" from it’s pages, it marked the first time a major publication had formally rejected a Internet-born branded verb. As new behaviors are created online, our culture struggles with ways to define them and often settles on flawed nomenclature. In this hour we will take a look at some of the most misleading words from the digital lexicon and try to pick a few to banish forever.

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  4. Don Watson on the Absurdity of Corporate Speak

    Powerpoint presentations, key performance indicators and mission statements. Do they make our businesses and institutions run more efficiently, or are they irritating and faddish, not just devoid of meaning, but actually obstructive of clear communication? In his new book, "Bendable Learnings", there is no doubt what Don Watson thinks. In this laugh-out-loud talk at the ANU, he outlines his argument for why we need to avoid the ridiculous confusion of corporate language.

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