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  1. z0mbieastronaut - BBC Radio 3 - Karel Čapek’s War With The Newts

    Firstly, there’s Karel Čapek’s War With The Newts (which can also be translated as War With The Salamanders), a tale about a race of creatures who, in the attempt to carve out their own society, irritate humans, who respond with - what else? - a military offensive. But no amount of nationalism will save mankind from its fate…

    War With The Newts (80.2 mb; 1:27:48 min)

    His second request (that I can fill) is the BBC tale, Haunted Hospital. Here’s the BBC’s description, as well as cast.

    A ghost story set in a hospital in Rochdale featuring two parallel storylines, one contemporary and the other set in the late 1800s, the latter drawing on real historical events.

    Julia/Lizzie …… Jo-Anne Knowles Steve/Daniel …… Michael Begley Sam …… Elianne Byrne Josiah Ogden …… David Fleeshman Jacob Pinch …… Mark Chatterton Mrs Cragge …… Barbara Marten Mr Cragge …… James Quinn Irish Woman …… Martine Harry-Davis

    Directed by Liz Leonard.


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