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  1. 366 How Much Should I Charge My Sponsor? - Podcast Answer Man | Podcasting & Internet / Online / Social Media Marketing - Cliff J. Ravenscraft PodcastAnswerMan Answerman | Pocket Casts

    How Much Should I Charge My Sponsor? Some recently posted this question… "I’ve been approached by an ad agency about advertising in my podcast. They have a client that’s very targeted for my audience. So they’re asking me for rate information.

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  2. James Gleick On The History Of Information : NPR

    In his book The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood, James Gleick writes of information sharing through the ages, from African talking drum languages to telegraphs, telephones and the internet. Google search guru Scott Huffman also joins to talk about how Google refines the search for information on the internet.

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  3. Listen to Episode 89 – The Telecomix Interview, or, The Debt Elevator

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