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  1. Sarging Rasmussen: A Report by Organic by Gord Sellar

    NOW PODCASTING! Sarging Rasmussen: A Report by Organic by Gord Sellar as premiered on Star Ship Sofa

    Award-winning author Gord Sellar wrote this novelette for the science fiction anthology Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF. The story is narrated by Organic, a master of the sexual pick up, who has decided to apply his abilities to more important things—- like saving the world. Gord Sellar re-wrote this story along with some scripted interludes as a "radio-play". This radio-play was first broadcast to the world at large by the well-known SF podcast Star Ship Sofa ( We present the story here as a sort of archive and to make it more widely available to the public to enjoy.

    The following cast participated in this unique offering. We are proud here at Uvula Audio to have produced the show for SSS and Uvula Audio listeners.

    Directed and Produced by J.J. Campanella

    James Campanella as Organic, sleazy salesman 2, and sleazy German salesman

    Lisa Campanella as sexy saleswoman and Jason’s old girlfriend,

    Tina Connolly as Kassie,

    Singh Gupta as sleazy salesman 1,

    Gord Sellar as sleazy salesman 4,

    and John Smalley as Jason.


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