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  1. Quentin Tarantino — The Treatment — KCRW

    Quentin Tarantino takes over as head programmer at LA’s New Beverly cinema, using many of the film prints from his own personal collection.

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  2. Sigourney Weaver on Alien: Isolation, horror and computer games – Tech Weekly podcast | Technology |

    Ahead of the release of Alien: Isolation, this special edition of Tech Weekly looks at the resurgence of the horror genre in computer gaming

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  3. John Carpenter: The Daily Grindhouse Interview

    The Man Called Perry is tied up with a Steve Guttenberg marathon, so G decided to post the infamous John Carpenter interview. This interview is widely considered by no one to be the best interview that Carpenter ever gave. We talk about his legendary career, the films that inspired him to be a director, the writing process, and more.

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  4. Guardian Books podcast: Dracula’s literary legacy | Books |

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  5. Kevin Smith and the /Filmcast Review Watchmen (/Filmcast: Ep. 41) | /Film

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  6. Arthur C. Clarke, Alvin Toffler, Margaret Mead

    What does the future look like from the past? This exciting program with three people that could not better represent the intelligentsia of futurism circa 1970. This recording is from a radio program called “Sound on Film”, a series on films and the people who make them. This episode is entitled “2001–Science Fiction or Man’s Future?” Recorded May 7th, 1970. Joseph Gelman is the moderator.

    At the time of this recording Arthur C. Clarke had recently collaborated on the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey with Stanley Kubrick. Alvin Toffler’s mega-influential book, Future Shock, is about to be published. And Margaret Mead is the world’s foremost cultural anthropologist.

    An intriguing conversation that still has relevance today.

    2001–Science Fiction or Man’s Future?


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  7. Audio « Official Harry Harrison News Blog

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  8. Best Sci-Fi Flims, w/ A.O. Scott, Annalee Newitz

    "Inception" has put sci-fi back in the movies, with mixed reviews. We look at the best science fiction films of all time. With guests A.O. Scott, chief film critic for the New York Times, and Annalee Newitz, critif for

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  9. Christopher Nolan: Inception

    Inception writer-director Christopher Nolan’s made Batman, The Joker and a Scandinavian film noir his own. With Inception, Nolan returns to his roots, bringing an original script to the big screen.

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  10. Still Wrapped In Plastic: ‘Twin Peaks’ Turns 20

    Back in the summer of 1989, I was invited to a sneak preview of a TV pilot. I didn’t know anything about it, but the moment I heard its opening theme music, I got shivers that didn’t go away. This was TV the way I dreamed it could be — funny, menacing, mysterious. In fact, it was so weird and wonderful that, as I walked from the theater, I remember saying, "Too bad no network will ever put it on the air."

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