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  1. Gibson & Leary Audio (MONDO 2000 History Project) | ACCELER8OR

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  2. Journey Into…: Journey #2 - Cyberpunk by D.K. Thompson - Issue #1 - Play

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  3. Cyber Prophet William Gibson

    For all of the Internet era, and even before, novelist William Gibson has been the ultimate science fiction guru of the age. He invented the notion – the word – “cyberspace” before the Web even existed. He took us to dystopic futures that became nows in “Neuromancer,” “Burning Chrome,” and “Virtual Light.”

    Now, when whole lives – or big pieces – have migrated to the Web and beyond, Gibson is beyond as well. He’s watching the culture from new angles. We speak with Gibson about his latest novel, “Zero History,” and where our world – and his – stand now.

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