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  1. Chris Ryan Interview: Twister | Scottish Book Trust

    Chris Ryan Interview: Twister

    * Artist: Scottish Book Trust
    * Title: Chris Ryan Interview: Twister
    * Year: 2008
    * Length: 7:58 minutes (7.3 MB)
    * Format: Mono 22kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

    Chris Ryan, ex-SAS Commander, TV broadcaster and author of the Alpha Force and Code Red series’ for teenage readers, was in Edinburgh for a Scottish Book Trust/Big Issue event promoting his new book Twister. Scottish Book Trust’s Chris Newton, who seems to be making a habit of only interviewing people with the same name as him (check out his Chris Mould interview here), was on hand to talk to Chris about his journey from fighting in Iraq to writing adventure fiction and much more. Listen to the full interview now…

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