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  1. ConFusion (convention panel): What Turns Great Ideas Into Short Stories Or Novels?

    Panelists: Kelley Armstrong, Violette Malan [M], Paul Melko, Catherine Shaffer and Sandee Rodriguez Recorded: Saturday January 24, 2009 10am We all know where ideas come from, don’t we? But what are we supposed to do with them after that? How do we translate those ideas into successful stories and novels? Come and find out!

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  2. ConFusion (convention panel): Setting: Haven’t I been here before?

    Setting: Haven’t I been here before? Panelists: Violette Malan [M], Karl Schroeder, Catherine Shaffer, Doselle Young and Jim Frenkel Recorded: Recorded: Saturday January 24, 2009 12pm How important is setting to a reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the story? Is setting the real difference between S and SF? Are we overusing the settings we have, and are there any new ones?

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  3. ConFusion (convention panel): Big Brother Is Watching You!

    Panelists: Cory Doctorow, David Rozian, Steve Buchheit, Karl Schroeder [M], Catherine Shaffer Recorded: Saturday January 24, 2009 3pm Personal privacy in the electronic age we now have or will have chips on everything we own including pets, where is this all going? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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