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  1. Annalee Newitz - Your Business Plan Is Science Fiction —€“ And That’s a Good Thing

    Just two decades ago, the Web and public internet were the stuff of science fiction. Creators like William Gibson, who coined the term "cyberspace" in his novel Neuromancer, helped define the terms of social life online, as well as inspiring many of the inventions (like smartphones) that we take for granted. But what is today’s science fiction telling us about where our technology will go tomorrow? I’ll talk about the stories today’s scifi creators are telling about the Web and internet, and how their ideas create a fantastical map of what people are seeking in their online lives. Fiction – And That’s a Good Thing

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  2. Don Watson on the Absurdity of Corporate Speak

    Powerpoint presentations, key performance indicators and mission statements. Do they make our businesses and institutions run more efficiently, or are they irritating and faddish, not just devoid of meaning, but actually obstructive of clear communication? In his new book, "Bendable Learnings", there is no doubt what Don Watson thinks. In this laugh-out-loud talk at the ANU, he outlines his argument for why we need to avoid the ridiculous confusion of corporate language.

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  3. How TWiT Is Bootstrapping A “CNN For Geeks” – With Leo Laporte

    Do you believe you can create an online show that pulls in a bigger audience than mainstream media?

    Leo Laporte is proving you can. In fact, he’s doing it right now. With 150,000-190,000 people downloading each episode of his show, this WEEK in TECH, he already has a bigger audience online then he did when he worked for Tech TV. Plus, unlike the work he does on mainstream media, Leo owns everything he puts out on his online network, TWiT.

    To help you learn how a young upstart can take on the big guys, I invited Leo on Mixergy to show you how he did it.

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