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  1. Presentable #35: Promoting Yourself as a Designer (And the History of Dribbble) - Relay FM

    My old friend Dan Cederholm joins the show. His work at Simplebits was profoundly influential in the early web, but he may be best known as the cofounder of Dribbble. We talk about this history of that community as well as what it’s like to build a reputation as a designer today.

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  2. The Big Web Show #126: Dribble ‘n Flow with Dan Cederholm (@simplebits)

    Author (“Sass For Web Designers”), designer, and Dribbble co-founder Dan Cederholm (@simplebits) sits down with Jeffrey Zeldman to discuss using tools and templates versus rolling your own design and code, and more!

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  3. Episode #30 — Dan Cederholm Has Mad Respect For Bee Beards : Pixel Recess

    Happy Holiday Christmas New Year stuff! You’ve waited for weeks and days and now it’s here, the chin-wagging talk-time with Mr. Dan Cederholm. Aside from writing no more than 2 Volumes of CSS based fan-fiction, Dan is a self professed flannelback, clown school dropout, chronic mis-speller and founder of Dribbble (the 3rd “b” is always silent and 4 b’s make any word French).

    When Dan isn’t drinking New England moonshine you can find Dan honing his skills making balloon art, communing with ghosts, fantasizing about bee based fashion and writing banjo music about CSS and SaSS. Previous to a horrific FBI incident involving witches propaganda Dan wanted to be a clown.

    Today’s show is not sponsored by Moleskine Head Injuries and Instagram. Be sure to vote and submit the show for the Best Podcast at The Net Awards

    Superiority Level: 169.5

    Twitter Famous: 74,083

    Follow Him: @simplebits

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  4. Sass for Designers with Dribbble’s Dan Cederholm

    Jeffrey Zeldman and Dribbble co-founder Dan Cederholm discuss fear of CSS pre-processors, growing the Dribbble design community, the craft of code, and Dan’s new book, Sass For Web Designers.

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  5. Unfinished Business 037: Kangaroo with an AK-47

    Special guest Dan Cederholm joins Andrew Clarke this week to talk about making money by making things, how making great schwag makes a great impression and what happened to Foamee. They discuss why on Dribbble it’s important for business to not get in the way of a great service and with Dan’s new book coming up, they talk about the process of writing and whether second editions are worth it.

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  6. The Big Web Show #85: Dan Cederholm

    Jeffrey talks with designer, developer, author, lecturer, and entrepreneur Dan Cederholm (Dribbble, Simplebits).

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  7. The Non-Breaking Space Show: Dan Cederholm

    The Non-Breaking Space Show is a podcast by Christopher Schmitt, Dave McFarland, Chris Enns interviewing the best and brightest of the web.

    Our guest for this episode is Dan Cederholm.

    Dan is a designer, author, speaker, husband, and father living in Salem, Massachusetts. He is the Founder and Principal of SimpleBits, LLC, a tiny web design studio, and co-founder and designer of Dribbble, a vibrant community for sharing screenshots of your work. Dan is a recognized expert in the field of standards-based web design and has worked with YouTube, Microsoft, Google, MTV, ESPN, and others. He has authored four books including “CSS3 For Web Designers”, “Handcrafted CSS”, “Bulletproof Web Design”, and “Web Standards Solutions”. In early 2012, he received a TechFellow award for Product Design & Marketing. Dan enjoys sharing his simplistic approach to web design while spreading the word on the standards-based markup and style techniques he’s collected by speaking at conferences and events around the globe.

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  8. 025: With Dan Cederholm - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by the legendary Dan Cederholm. Dan is the author of (dare we say) the best books ever written on CSS including Handcrafted CSS, CSS3 for Web Designers, and Bulletproof Web Design. He’s done some very high end client work, founded a few startups, and has done a bunch of speaking. Most notably these days, Dan is the founder and half the team at Dribbble.

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  9. Double Dribbble with a Boston Accent

    Adam Stacoviak is joined by Drew Wilson and Jared Erodu along with special guest Dan Cederholm of Dribbble and Bullet Proof Web Design fame – topics include being disorganized, Kevin Rose and the Milk team get “aqui-hired”, awesome shots on Dribbble, Dan on writing CSS the Sass way, and so much more!

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  10. Book Review: A Book Apart - HTML5 & CSS3 Editions | Unmatched Style

    Review of A Book Apart editions; HTML5 For Web Designers & CSS3 For Web Designers. Plus a book giveaway!

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