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  1. Collaboration on Digital Projects - Interview with Ellen De Vries of Clearleft

    Ellen De Vries, Content Strategist at Clearleft, and author of Collaborate: Bring people together around digital projects joins us to talk about collaboration.

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  2. How to effectively collaborate on content - Boagworld Show

    This week on the Boagworld Show we are joined by Ellen De Vries to talk about effectively collaborating with others on your content.

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  3. 286: Content Strategy with Ellen de Vries and Robert Mills - ShopTalk

    We’re talking with two content strategy experts, Ellen de Vries and Robert Mills/

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  4. Patterns Day: Ellen de Vries

    Ellen de Vries speaking at Patterns Day in Brighton on June 30, 2017.

    A one-day event for web designers and developers on design systems, pattern libraries, style guides, and components.

    Patterns Day is brought to you by Clearleft.

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  5. Why Designers need to Craft Words Not Pixels

    In this interview, Jeffrey Zeldman Founder of Happy Cog, reveals the importance of crafting copy and using that as a way to create great user experiences.

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  6. Karen McGrane’s Closing Plenary at IA Summit 2013

    The IA Summit closing plenary tradition started in 2005 as a way to bring the Summit to an end withan inquisitive session looking to the future of our practice and practitioners. The selection criteria for the closing plenary speaker is simple but important: an interesting voice from within our community with something meaningful to say about the direction of the practice.

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  7. Karen McGrane – Adapting Your Content for Mobile » UIE Brain Sparks

    As more web capable devices hit the market, designers need to consider where and how their designs will be seen. Unfortunately, the same consideration isn’t always made when it comes to content. With design changing so much in a multichannel environment, content must be structured independent of how it will eventually look.

    Content touches all aspects of a design. Having presentation independent content allows for it to adapt to different screens and devices. Karen McGrane suggests that having the specifics of how the content will be structured in place first, allows for the freedom and flexibility to make the right design choices.

    Karen says that the advent of WYSIWYG editors shifted focus to the wrong things at the wrong time. Content took a backseat to the overall look of the design. Thinking about content first, over how it will appear, helps ensure you’re communicating the right message.

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  8. Content Strategy for Mobile | The Breaking Development Podcast

    Fresh Squeezed Mobile is Breaking Development’s channel to get fresh ideas out there about mobile web development and design.

    This week Karen McGrane joins us to talk about content strategy for mobile. We talk about creating resuable content, the problem with WYSIWYG’s, what voice means for content and the similarities between CMS design and vomit.

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  9. Karen McGrane – Content Strategy for Mobile » UIE Brain Sparks

    Your content is visible practically everywhere. Content strategists need to structure content to allow for viewing on an array of devices. What does that mean for your content management system? And what do you need to build into your content to make it flexible and adaptable?

    Karen McGrane, author of the upcoming book Content Strategy for Mobile, believes you should deliver great content to wherever your users want to consume it. In her virtual seminar, Content Strategy for Mobile, Karen says that even your organizational structure may need to change in order to facilitate this delivery. There were a ton of great questions from our audience that Karen didn’t have time to answer in the live seminar. She tackles those questions with Adam Churchill in this podcast.

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  10. Erin Kissane podcast interview: editorial strategy, web magazines and trolls

    In Episode 4 of the Together London Podcast, I talk to Erin Kissane about what she learned editing A List Apart magazine, her book The Elements of Content Strategy, why she started Contents Magazine, and what we can do about the problem of harassment online.

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