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  1. Episode #188: David Allen talks with Kevin Kelly - Getting Things Done®

    Kevin Kelly calls himself a "packager of ideas" and a "predictor of the present." Both of those are in evidence as Kevin talks with David about range of ideas.Kevin is a co-founder of Wired magazine, where his title is Senior Maverick. His most recent book is called The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future, which David calls a must-read.

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  2. #141: Intellectual Exoskeletons — Andy Matuschak

    From language and writing to the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, computers and Adobe Photoshop, our species has a history of inventing tools for augmenting our own intelligence. But what comes next?

    Andy Matuschak is a developer and designer. He helped build iOS at Apple, founded and led Khan Academy's R&D

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  3. T1-06 Ladrones de tiempo - Casa Perfecta, con Antonia Moreno - Podcast en iVoox

    Escucha y descarga los episodios de Casa Perfecta, con Antonia Moreno gratis. Seguro que conoces a los principales ladrones de tiempo en tu ámbito laboral. También, estoy segura, sabes cuáles son los princip…

    Programa: Casa Perfecta, con Antonia Moreno. Canal: Canal de Casa Perfecta. Tiempo: 18:02 Subido 10/06 a las 20:28:52 88309438

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  4. Optimize Your Brain With Science-Based Tools | Huberman Lab • Podcast Notes

    In this this episode of Huberman Lab, Dr. Huberman discusses how to leverage neuroplasticity. He breaks down how to optimize our daily 24-hour cycle to access flow state, creativity, and clear mindedness. Dr. Huberman also reviews biological factors that are within our control and those outside our control, the science of psychedelics, and visualization practices.

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  5. Distributed Cognition with Tiago Forte | Decoding Superhuman

    Who is Tiago Forte?Tiago Forte is one of the world’s foremost experts on productivity. He writes and speaks on how knowledge workers can revolutionize their personal effectiveness using technology, and has taught more than 20,000 people around the world through his online courses and live workshops.Tiago’s online course Building a Second Brain has been taken by more than 1,000 people from more than 60 countries. He draws on academic disciplines such as Information Science, practical fields such as User Experience Design, and his professional experience working with top organizations and leaders in Silicon Valley. Tiago believes idea management is one of the most impactful skills in the world today, and this course makes it accessible to individuals for the first time.Previous clients include organizations including Toyota, Genentech, Nestle, and the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as startups, universities, and non-profits. His work has been featured in media outlets like The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Lifehacker, The Atlantic, Thrive Global, and Quartz.Tiago writes about his ideas on his blog, Praxis. In a previous life, he worked in microfinance in Latin America, served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine, and consulted for large companies on product development in Silicon Valley. He lives in Mexico City with his wife Lauren.

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  6. Anne-Laure Le Cunff - Neuromyths, Productivity & Cognitive Biases — FitMind

    Anne-Laure Le Cunff is the Founder of Ness Labs, a venture studio dedicated

    to products that help people be happier and healthier. Previously

    Anne-Laure worked for Google on their digital health products team, and she

    is currently completing a Master of Science in Applied Neuroscience at

    King's College London.

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  7. 4. Deep Work, conversación sobre la atención de láser con Marc Marti en Podcast de Homo Minimus en mp3(14/05 a las 21:10:22) 31:52 18675924 - iVoox

    Escucha y descarga los episodios de Podcast de Homo Minimus gratis. Charla con Marc Marti, del blog Repensando el ahora,

    sobre el libro 'Deep work', de Cal Newport,

    y sobre productivida…

    Programa: Podcast de Homo Minimus. Canal: Homo Minimus. Tiempo: 31:52 Subido 14/05 a las 21:10:22 18675924

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