How To Practice VIPASSANA BODY SCANNING (Why Awakening Is A ‘Physical’ Transformation)

In THIS video my AI show you how to practice Vipassana body scanning, taught in the 10 day silent retreat, which I think is one of the most powerful techniques for awakening! Be creative! Like Michelangelo chipping away a block of marble to reveal the Void underneath. Remember "Insights" are EXPERIENTIAL, not mental. The deepest wisdom comes from shredding away every layer of your body and mind "physically", so treat it like fitnessSS!! This is just a brief intro, it's hard to get the full benefit and experience everything I talk about here until you attend a 10 day Goenka retreat or have been practicing for years! Sign up for retreat for free here TimeStamps: 0:00 Intro/Why Do Body Scanning 2:07 Awakening As Physical Transformation 3:36 Why Body Scanning Can Lead To Kundalini Awakening 4:10 Why “Thoughts” and “Lenses Of Perception” Are Ultimately “Physical” 4:19 Vipassanalizing The World 6:28 Technique/Instructions6:58 What Is A Body Sensation? 8:53 “Should I Scan The Body From The Inside Or Outside?” 9:30 What Is The End Point?/How Deep Can You Go? 13:40 What Is Vipassana? 16:08 What To Do With Thoughts? 14:30 Importance Of Staying Equanimous 22:04 How Long Should Each Session Be? 24:01 Body Scanning As Shadow Work 24:58 Alternative Shape-Shifter Technique


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