CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING (Everything You Need To Know To Wake Up/Client Testimonials)

Skype call session excerpts with some commentaries explaining the following topics with Awakening experiences from my clients. Timestamp. 0:00 My Client’s Awakening Experience 4:25 Emptiness Of Ego 5:47 Happiness Without Conditions 8:20 Maps To Awakening 9:34 Trikaya (The 3 Bodies Of The Buddha) 11:37 Leo Gura’s “Dial Of Consciousness”/Self Experiencing God Vs. God Experiencing Itsel 14:05 Testimonial #2 15:59 What Is Vipassanna? 17:54 What is “Expansion Vs Contraction”? 18:16 What Is “Emptiness”? 21:10 2Deep4U 22:03 What Is “Suchness”/What Is Real?/ 22:27 Testimonial #3 23:55 Nirvana is Samsara 25:06 What Does It Mean To “Objectify” the “Subject” During Self-Inquiry 28:57 On Dissolving “Doership” and Going Meta 32:24 What’s The Difference Between Enlightenment Vs. Samadhi and Jhanas? 34:54 Jhanas/Concentration Practice Vs. Insights/Vipassana 38:14 Vipassana Routine 101 40:33 Why You Should Wake Up Before You Clean Up 42:46 Source Of Consciousness And The Non-Arising 45:03 “If You Are Aware Of Awareness Then You Are Not Aware” 45:31 Transcending The Formless Realms 47:13 Total Surrandering To What IS

Coaching session 1 with breathing techniques

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