Fastest Way To Enlightenment (A Complete Guide And Routine For Liberation)

Collection Of Consciousness Coaching videos explaining what I think is the most efficient way to reach liberation including practical guides and routines, merging practices from all traditions. Answers to 90 percent of the questions people ask me can be found in here. Timestamp: 0:00 Intro 3:58 Contraction Vs. Expansion 5:21 Buddhism Vs. Hinduism 7:14 The Importance Of Concentration 9:44 Dissolving Solidity (Do Nothing Vs. Vipassana) 11:50 Do Nothing Meditation 13:26 Using The Breath To Let Go 14:15 Highest Spiritual Technique 15:20 Source Of All Suffering 17:05 What Is Vipashayna (Dual Vipassana Vs. Non-Dual Vipassana) 20:07 Effort Vs. Effortlessness 20:40 What Is The Spiritual Seeker? 21:39 The Program Of The Self 22:24 Compassion Vs. Empathy 25:27 Dealing With Pain Vs. Pleasure 26:14 Wisdom Vs. Concentration Vs. Morality 27:35 Altered States Of Consciousness Vs. Enlightenment 29:21 Why People Worship Gurus 29:46 Last Things To Dissolve Before Full Awakening 31:17 "If You Are Aware Of Awareness, Then You Are Not Aware" 35:06 The Arrow Of Attention And The Source Of Clinging 36:44 The Illusion Of Merging And The Now 38:57 Wake Up, Clean Up, Grow UP 39:20 Layers Of The Dream 41:06 What Is The Full Natty State 42:03 Self Inquiry And Jed Mckenna's Spiritual Autolysis 43:31 Why I Make Videos 43:44 How…

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