Naval Ravikant & Brett Hall on Clubhouse (NavalHouse) — 16 02 2021

0:00 Intro 1:10 Naval calls “The Beginning of Infinity”(BOI) by physicist David Deutsch one of the best books he’s ever read 2:10 How Naval found Brett and his podcast 8:50 Naval explains the range of topics covered in BOI 12:30 Brett talks about mental models, misconceptions about how science is done, and how Nassim Taleb’s “black swan” example fits into the Popper-Deutsch worldview 16:30 Naval and Brett talk about a core idea – error correction and how it applies to science, economics, and society (free speech) 19:30 The point of democracy is NOT to find the best ruler (and why Plato was wrong) but to REMOVE bad rulers (error correction) 22:30 We don’t have access to the final truth, just progressively better ideas 23:25 Importance of “hard to vary” explanations 26:00 Good explanations (not as generic as you think) 30:00 Occam’s razor being improperly applied and why the multiverse is the ONLY way to understand quantum theory 34:00 Aliens, where are they, Naval’s “Dark Forest” hypothesis and an optimistic view of alien civilizations 40:00 Why “we will run out of resource x” is a Malthusian view, and how knowledge determines resource use, not the other way around 45:00 For humans to be successful we need optimism (our knowledge will solve problems) and how pessimists become public in…

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