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  1. Bitcoin for Ledges 22/11/2021 Guest: @ThinkingUSD

    This Bitcoin for Ledges live stream is sponsored by Delta Exchange.

    Nothing contained in this content constitutes financial advice and you should always do your own research before engaging in any kind of trading and/or investing.

    Welcome to ‘Bitcoin for Ledges’, a weekly live stream airing every Monday evening at 7pm (GMT) and hosted by TraderSZ.

    ‘Bitcoin for Ledges’ is exclusively sponsored by Delta Exchange. Delta offer a comprehensive market place of crypto trading options including: Futures (perps) on BTC and over 70 altcoins, Options on BTC, ETH, LINK, BNB and more, ‘Robo’ trading strategies and Liquidity Mining on AMM Pools plus many more cool features.

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  2. Dying: East and West w/ Daniel P. Brown

    August 30, 2020

    From the perspective of Western psychology loss of some one we are close to results in both normal and complicated bereavement. We will review the most cynically effective protocols to work through and settle the grieving process. From the perspective of Tibetan Bon and Buddhist meditation practices, the practitioner prepares for dying by practicing consciousness-transferences. While dying there are three after-death states—the state of the actual dying practice, the state of the sound and light show of the dharmahatu, and the state determining rebirth. The advanced practitioner learns to carry meditation practice into these three after-death states, so as to use the dying process as an opportunity to complete Buddhahood. The most advanced practitioner uses the dying process to dissolve the residual substantiality of the physical body upon dying, so as to achieve great consciousness-transference or rainbow body. Through these practices the meditator gains voluntary control over the dying process and can emanate in any form and any place according to intention.

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  3. 3 Levels Of Self-Realization (Mind, Heart, Gut) filmed and edited by also filmed by weight lifting clip by Ashlee Xiu (mandarin interview) Here are some book recommendations that really helped me out on the Path:

    Master The Core Teachings Of The Buddha by Daniel Ingram

    Contemplative Fitness by Kenneth Folk (the quote at the end about Awareness is by Kenneth Folk)

    Michael Taft (great podcast and guided meditation)

    The Mind Illuminated

    Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young

    Sam Harris’s Waking Up (Send me a DM to receive a free trial of his meditation app)

    Jack Kornfield (THE PATH OF THE HEART)

    Ekhart Tolle (POWER OF NOW)

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  4. Kanye West On “Donda,” Drake, Marriage W/ Kim Kardashian, His Legendary Career & More | Drink Champs

    The episode we’ve been waiting for is finally here! #KanyeWest now known as #YE joins the #DrinkChamps, N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN!

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    Launched by Sean "Diddy" Combs, REVOLT.TV is #1 destination in hip hop. Focused on expertly curating the best of the best in music and engaging youth in social conversation, the multi-genre, multi-platform network offers breaking music news, videos, artist interviews, exclusive performances, and original programming. Artists REVOLT.TV covers include: Joe Budden, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Jay-Z, French Montana, Lil Wayne, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Future, Rick Ross, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lil Yachty, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Solange, and many more.

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  5. Fully Shredded and Fully Enlightened: Adventures of an Infinite Brah w/ Frank Yang

    December 18th, 2020

    The Taiwanese YouTube superstar, Frank Yang, visits The Stoa to discuss being fully shredded and fully enlightened. We’ll explore his awakening journey that occurred in the midst of the spectacle.

    Why are the YouTube comments disabled? Answer:

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  6. Entrepreneurialism as a Spiritual Practice? w/ Derek Sivers

    October 20, 2020

    Derek Sivers visits The Stoa to discuss entrepreneurialism as a spiritual practice. Followed by a Q&A.

    "Derek Sivers is an American writer, musician, programmer and entrepreneur best known for being the founder and former president of CD Baby, an online CD store for independent musicians."

    More from Derek:

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  7. STCWD: Awakening w/ Daniel M. Ingram, Michael Taft, Frank Yang, and Evan McMullen

    February 22nd, 2021

    Stealing the Culture with Dialogos is a series at The Stoa that will consist of conversational combinations we have never seen before.

    In the third session, the prompt will be around the "awakening." And past guests of The Stoa; Daniel Ingram, Michael Taft, Frank Yang, and Evan McMullen will engage in a four-way dialogos, followed by a Q&A.

    Why are the YouTube comments disabled? Answer:

    More events: Regular updates: Support stealing the culture: Receive coaching with resonance:

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  8. Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList, explains why you don’t need to be CEO

    In this video, Matt Mochary and Naval Ravikant (founder and former CEO of AngelList) talk about why you don’t need to be the CEO.

    Naval explains how he realized it wasn’t the role he wanted at AngelList, what he did to get over his fear of stepping back, and how much more value he can (and does) create now that he is no longer in that role.

    If you don’t love being CEO, know that there is likely someone who can do the job better than you, and you can create much more value in the role that you actually love.

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    FULL AUDIO 🎧 Apple Podcasts:



    Lesson #1: Why you don’t need to be CEO 00:00 Intro 00:46 CEO roles 1:52 Being honest with yourself

    Lesson #2: Focus on your Zone of Genius 3:00 Finding your Zone of Genius 4:02 Good people who make you miserable

    Lesson #3: Finding the founder mentality 4:30 Recruiting other founders

    Lesson #4: Learning to take a step back 6:57 The value of free time 10:17 Successful examples

    Lesson #5: Keeping yourself engaged after leaving 11:07 Make it sustainable 13:15 Letting…

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  9. Kapil Gupta Experience

    Crazy Wisdom Podcast Compilation

    0:00 It’s All A Scam 42:43 It’s All A Scam Part-2 01:36:15 Is It Possible To Stop Wasting One’s Life ? 02:20:11 You Are Living On Borrowed Time


    Kapil Gupta is a personal advisor to CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and Performing Artists around the world.

    Kapil: Website:​​​​​​​​…


    Direct Truth : Uncompromising, non-prescriptive Truths to the enduring questions of life [Not Affiliated ]

    Atmamun: ​​​​​​​​​​​​ — The Path To Achieving The Bliss Of The Himalayan Swamis. And The Freedom Of A Living God [Not Affiliated ]

    A Master’s Secret Whispers: — For those who abhor the noise and seek The Truth about life and living. [Not Affiliated ]

    Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. Fair us…

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