Magnatune Woman Singing Electro Pop Podcast 01.18.15


Artist: Lilly Wolf Song: 01-The Devil You Know Album: Play Loud 03:01 Artist: Artemis Song: 04-Ella Album: Auralei 08:34 Artist: Ammonite Song: 12-Reconnection (outro) Album: Reconnection 11:10 Artist: Lisa DeBenedictis Song: 03-The Magus Album: Tigers 14:34 Artist: Mercy Machine Song: 08-Invisible (Cosmic Sea Shanty Mix) Album: In Your Bed - the remixes 20:48 Artist: Emmas Mini Song: 05-Apartment a Album: Beat Generation Mad Trick 22:19 Artist: Mercy Machine Song: 04-Bones Album: Mercy Machine 27:08 Artist: Lisa DeBenedictis Song: 04-Pull Up The Shade Album: Tigers 30:49 Artist: Mercy Machine Song: 12-Quietly (Silent Night Mix) Album: In Your Bed - the remixes 37:08 Artist: Curl Song: 02-Choice Album: Ultimate Station 43:49 Artist: Artemis Song: 09-Sync or Swim (Glass House Mix) - Mijo Album: Orbits 48:55 Artist: The Kokoon Song: 10-Mirages (live recording from 2000) Album: No 3 53:05 Artist: Ammonite Song: 06-Calm Album: Reconnection 58:06 Artist: Curl Song: 09-Scorched Feelings (psycho mix) Album: Ultimate Station 61:06 Artist: Linda Wood Song: 03-Two Doors Album: Duel 65:23 Artist: Artemis Song: 02-Changing Sky Album: Undone 68:50 Artist: Artemis Song: 03-Angel Album: Gravity 74:47 Artist: Barks and Crock Song: 03-Love You Album: Summer Savage 82:30 Artist: Curl Song: 01-Fly Free Album: Ultimate Station 86:39 Artist: Mercy Machine Song: 06-Kansas City Album: Mercy Machine 90:24 Artist: Sun Palace Song: 10-Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day Album: Into Heaven 94:35 Artist: Linda Wood Song: 07-Something Better Album: Duel 99:38 Artist: Curl Song: 08-Inner 2 Album: Inner 105:17 Artist: Lisa DeBenedictis Song: 06-Ocean In Her Head Album: Tigers 109:03 Artist: Ammonite Song: 07-Angel (hold on…) Album: Reconnection