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  1. Neuromancer (Review by The Worthy House)

    When I first read Neuromancer, a science fiction classic of the modern age, twenty-some years ago, serious people believed that our certain technological future was one of accelerating, boundless plenty. The Singularity was near. Aging and death would soon be conquered; the removal of all limitation would be, within a decade or two, the lot of mankind. Few asked if this would be good. But no matter, since none of this arrived, and it is long since clear none of it will ever arrive, at least in our world as it is now constituted and ruled. Yet, this book, published in 1983, is a fun ride and shows us visions of many things. So let us talk about what is now our present, and what that says about our actual future.

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  2. b4s Summer Mix 2014

    "My friend and fellow artist Raphy Griswold and I have had an ongoing mail art / cassette exchange going for the past few years. This month I put together my latest contribution, and decided to digitize it before mailing the original copy. I treated my broke self to a $20 cassette deck at the local thrift spot for my birthday, and this came together pretty quickly after that."


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  3. Nap Eyes Mixtape

    With his "It’s Only Life, That’s All" playlist, Nap Eyes guitarist Brad Loughead created a mix "mainly as a way to occupy myself, [to] get lost in beautiful music and turn my brain off." It encompasses familiar themes—"of love, mortality, troubled times…’ya know, the light stuff," but like Nap Eyes’ fourth lp, Snapshot of a Beginner, it achieves a powerful effect by just easing on by.

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  4. Spider Stacy Talks Pogues, Playing with Lost Bayou Ramblers of New Orleans, ‘A Fairytale of New York,’ and More – Berklee Online Take Note Podcast

    Spider Stacy met Shane MacGowan at a Ramones gig as teens. Shortly after, they formed the Pogues, which meant Spider had to learn to play music.

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  5. Palladium Podcast #42: How War Drives Technological Progress

    John Dulin comes on the podcast with Wolf Tivy to discuss recent advances in weapons systems, how war is one of the most important drivers of technological progress, and the role of both the public and private sectors in fundamental research and mass marketization.

    John Dulin is CEO and founder of a defense industry startup. Previously, he was a machine learning research engineer at Numerai and Freenome. He can be found on Twitter @JohnDDulin.

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  6. The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age (Tim Wu)

    Read and reviewed Tim Wu’s important new book on the effects of, and solutions for, economic concentration. Something both conservatives and liberals can get behind. Up the NeoBrandeisianism! (The written version of this review was first published Nove

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  7. Richard Kadrey The Grand Dark – Narrative Species

    Largo Moorden’s life in Lower Proszawa is prosaically familiar and utterly strange. He’s 21 years old, a bike courier with a decent place in a bad part of town and a lovely girlfriend. But he pedals past monstrous robots (known as "Maras") and garbage-eating "eugenics" who keep the streets if not clean, at least less…

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