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  1. Loving Your Player With Juicy Feedback

    The games we love also love us back — mostly, by reflecting our successes and failures in delicious ways. This talk will explore the concept of feedback in game design, using examples drawn from both personal & professional experience. We’ll examine a variety of feedback mechanisms (good and bad), and discuss how lessons drawn from these examples can be applied to any user experience.


    Robin is a Game Designer and Producer who specializes in new IP aimed at reaching new players. Her titles include MySims and Steven Spielberg’s BAFTA award-winning BOOM BLOX franchise — both made for Nintendo Wii. She recently joined thatgamecompany, whose recent Playstation Network releases Flow and Flower are celebrated for their beauty, whimsy and zen-like economy of action.

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  2. The Seven Rules for Great Web Application Design

    In this lively and interactive session, Robert Hoekman, Jr., the author of ‘Designing the Obvious’ and ‘Designing the Moment’, uses the audience to reveal the 7 essential design principles for achieving great application design and the psychology behind them. And he does it all without a single bullet point (gasp!).

    From: http://sxsw.com/taxonomy/term/44?page=8

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  3. SpoolCast: The History of Interaction with Bill Verplank

    A fascinating discussion with Bill Verplank about the early days of of interaction design.

    His discussion of the three paradigms of interaction design (computer as intelligence/brain, computer as person/life, computer as agent) is superb.

    From http://www.uie.com/brainsparks/2008/09/02/spoolcast-the-history-of-interaction-with-bill-verplank/

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