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  1. 5by5 | The Frequency #153: Everyone’s In Charge And We All Hold Hands

    Haddie and Dan are joined by Myke Hurley for the first episode of 2014. The discuss an impending Velveeta shortage, Ryan Seacrest getting sued by BlackBerry, Delta’s cheap flight glitch, Twitter’s stock falling to $60, Zappos’ lack of corporate hierarchy,


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  2. 5by5 | Systematic #78: Jeff Severns Guntzel - Telling Stories

    Jeff Severns Guntzel is a journalist who works across mediums using everything from data journalism to comics to tell stories.


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    Severns Guntzel, Jeff The Baghdad I knew: Before and after the fall Invisible injury: Beyond PTSD [illustrated story] My epic list of reporting, data crunching and OS X power user tools - Severns Guntzel, Jeff nvALT Pinboard HistoryHound PICK: Source - Journalism Code, Context & Community PICK: Shoots & Leaves - The Camera That Turns Photos Into Links PICK: The Bastards Book of Regular Expressions The Bastards Book of Ruby PICK: Lemmy, 49% motherfererr, 51% son of a… PICK: Do The Math PICK: BASS DRUM OF DEATH Jeff Severns Guntzel (jsguntzel) on Twitter

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