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  1. ISIHAC - 2009-11-16 - s52e01

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  2. Adam and Joe XFM 20.9.2003

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  3. 5by5 | The Talk Show #57: The Banana Window

    On this special episode recorded while Dan was still on paternity leave, John is joined by guest host Merlin Mann. Merlin and John discuss Vegas, Disney, Pixar and more!


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  4. David Sedalia and Mark Maron

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  5. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast: Episode 402 - David Sedaris

    David Sedaris has been in the memoir writing game for a bit longer than Marc, so he comes bearing notes and advice regarding Marc’s latest book. They also discuss the differences between how they perform for crowds, why they both have fears of everyday things, and how they deal with family members in their memoir writing. This episode is sponsored by Shout! Factory presenting the new collection Richard Pryor: No Pryor Restraint. We’re also sponsored by LegalZoom and Warby Parker.



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  6. Writing excuses mice

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  7. Introduction to meditation

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  8. The Mind - Alan watts

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  9. Food Safety Talk 79: You’re Into Botulism Country (with Merlin Mann) — Food Safety Talk

    Merlin Mann joins Don and Ben for a discussion on food safety and cooking using science at home.The episode starts off with a discussion on sous vide and time/temperature combinations for pathogen reduction.The discussion goes to Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking and the science of cooking, sensory and how heat changes food quality and safety. The guys talk about ground meats risks compared to intact muscle meats and then deconstruct risk assessments with bullet analogies. The guys move into pork and trichinosis and how risks have changed but messages stay sticky.The show ends with a discussion on food safety myths, including confusing food safety and spoilage; storing butter on the counter and  ketchup in the refrigerator.They decided to leave an in-depth discussion of Sloan for another day.


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  10. Song Exploder No. 28: The Long Winters | Maximum Fun


    Song Exploder


    John Roderick

    On February 1st, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart while reentering the earth’s atmosphere. John Roderick, singer and songwriter of The Long Winters wrote "The Commander Thinks Aloud" about that fateful moment. This episode was made from an interview I did with John Roderick in front of a live audience in Seattle, where we discussed how and why he made this song.

    Buy "The Commander Thinks Aloud" on iTunes.

    Read the profile of the commander and the six other crew members at NASA’s page dedicated to the Columbia. The seven of them were of seven different religious faiths.

    John Roderick also makes podcasts: Roderick on the Line with Merlin Mann, and Roderick’s Rendezvous.


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