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  1. The Strangest Secret

    Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret

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  2. Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy 656

    Saving DVR video to DVD, 3D side effects, starting a website, Facebook safety, and your calls.

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  3. Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy 655

    The best GPS for a Mac, wirelessly syncing podcasts, the latest digital camera, laptop and smartphone recommendations, and you calls.

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  4. This Week In Google 35: Dancing Naked Money

    Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Gina Trapani, and Kevin Marks

    This week on TWiG, discussion of Google’s changes to its services and policies in China.

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  5. Home Theater Geeks 14: Acoustics And Psychoacoutstics Of Speakers

    Host: Scott Wilkinson

    How to get the best listening experience in recording control rooms and home entertainment systems.

    Guest: Floyd Toole, retired Vice President of Acoustical Engineering for Harman International Industries, Inc.

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  6. 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!

    John Gruber (DaringFireball.net) and Merlin Mann (43Folders.com) discuss the current state of blogging as a medium for creative expression, weighing the opportunities and challenges of building a thoughtful online presence in a world where everybody owns a printing press. They’ll consider the ascendance of Digg-friendly "problogs" and debate the subtler pleasures of careful writing that reaches smaller, but potentially less "profitable" audiences.

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  7. Jeremy Keith about Huffduffer at Refresh Belfast

    Refresh Belfast’s first Festive Extravaganza was held in the Black Box Theatre in Belfast. Jeremy Keith was invited to speak about Huffduffer and this is the audio.

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  8. Gillmor Gang 2010.03.19

    Audio only of most recent Gilmor Gang? Awesome!

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  9. Dennis Crowley of Foursquare Interviewed by Ewan Spence at SXSW 2010

    From http://www.ewanspence.com/blog/2010/03/20/the-sxsw-baby-podcasts/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed

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  10. How To Rawk SXSW 2010

    Min Jung Kim assembles a line-up of miscreants to get up to some Southby mischief:

    • Ben Huh
    • Denise Jacobs
    • Jeremy Keith
    • Annie Lin

    Contains some strong language …and drinking …lots of drinking.

    From: http://audio.sxsw.com/2010/podcasts/

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