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  1. Team Sweetie - Committed | iHeart

    Tim and Susan Bratton found their path to being intimacy experts because their own marriage was falling apart. Tim was cheating on Susan with countless women. Susan didn't enjoy sex at all. So they dug in and went to counseling and workshops and they became experts on the subject. And along the way they fixed their own marriage. Today Tim and Susan are two of the most sexually open couples I have ever met. They are in an open and polyamorous relationship, they have a thriving sex therapy business and they're ridiculously happy and in love.

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  2. Too Many Loves? #510

    Guest host Andrea fills in for Frank. Coach Dave's fundraising scheme, a ruling on if a Catholic school can fire a gay man, some faith leaders aren't horrible on abortion, Mexico proves it's better than Texas, a Norwegian church holds an unusual ceremony, a Spanish bishop finds a good reason to leav


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  3. Boundries, Needs, and Wants

    One of the most common confusions we hear in Ethical Non-Monogamy is, what exactly are boundaries, needs, and wants. How can you tell them apart? How can you tell if your partner really has a need or if it’s just a want? In this episode we tackle these questions and more as we attempt to clearly explain boundaries, needs, and wants.

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    Citations: First Video Episode at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKjr-doAGKk&t=36s Donate at: https://www.probablypoly.com/donate

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/probably-poly/boundries-needs-and-wants
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  4. 517: Is intimacy possible between people who have different worldviews? | Humanize Me

    "Hi Bart, I know in your podcast you talk a lot about people in 'suddenly interfaith' marriages, where one is a believer and the other has since left, and obviously there are obstacles, but what I want to know is: Does anything work? Is intimacy possible between people of radically different worldviews?"

    Bart's perspective: Sometimes. And there are some things that make it harder and other things that make it easier.

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